Unseen Ayckbourn

Unseen Ayckbourn was published in 2013 and is an extensively expanded second edition of Sight Unseen (2009). New research continues to throw up new discoveries about Alan Ayckbourn's writing and he himself comes up with new ideas, which are later discarded. This page is an addendum to Unseen Ayckbourn including new material discovered since the book was published in April 2013 as well as corrections to the existing text.

New Entries

The Circle: The earliest notes for the play which would eventually become Improbable Fiction are entitled The Circle. The notes feature both character descriptions and a hint at the plot of the play, both names and plot being different to the play as written.

…..The Circle
…..The Group has dwindled to five:-
…..Carla, the chairwoman and driving force. Romantic novelist maque.
…..Gylnis, the thriller writer. Loves to write gory scenes a la Patricia Cornwell.
…..Tilly, who writes poetry and is very shy.
…..Morton, writes about locomotives for the Trainspotters Journal. Only one whose [sic] been
…..Hugo, a humorous writer of unfunny short stories.
…..Suddenly there is a newcomer, Ben. The women all show an interest. He is good looking and
…..apparently free.

The title of a proposed five act play in the same vein as Confusions. It is first referred to in interview in 2013 in relation to writing the two one act plays which form Farcicals. However, there has never been anything on record that the Farcicals were conceived and commissioned as two related one act lunchtime plays. WHilst, Complications may have been an early version of what became Farcicals, it also seems possible Alan Ayckbourn may have been talking about an original title for his 2012 play Surprises, which was originally conceived as five inter-related one act plays.

"They [
Confusions] were five loosely linked plays, and I had it in mind that I was going to write five more short plays to match them, this time called Complications, but in the end Farcicals stuck its head over the parapet."
(The Press, 22 August 2013)

Foreseeable Futures: An early title for Alan Ayckbourn's 2012 play Surprises. The title is present on early drafts of the play.


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