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Full Length Plays: Alphabetical

Other Writing

Plays: By Year

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Absent Friends
Absurd Person Singular
Arrivals & Departures
Awaking Beauty
Bedroom Farce
Better Off Dead
Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present
Body Language
The Boy Who Fell Into A Book
The Boy Who Fell Into A Book (musical)
A Brief History of Women
By Jeeves
Callisto 5
The Champion Of Paribanou
A Chorus Of Disapproval
Christmas V Mastermind
Comic Potential
Communicating Doors
Consuming Passions
Dad's Tale
Damsels In Distress
Dreams From A Summer
Drowning On Dry Land
Family Circles
Haunting Julia
Hero’s Welcome
House & Garden
How The Other Half Loves
If I Were You
Improbable Fiction
Intimate Exchanges
Invisible Friends
It Could Be Any One Of Us
Joking Apart
The Jollies
Just Between Ourselves
Life & Beth
Life Of Riley
Living Together
Love After All
Making Tracks
Man Of The Moment
Miss Yesterday
Mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays
Mr Whatnot
The Musical Jigsaw Play
My Sister Sadie
My Very Own Story
My Wonderful Day
Neighbourhood Watch
The Norman Conquests
Orvin - Champion Of Champions  
Private Fears In Public Places
Relatively Speaking
The Revengers’ Comedies
Round And Round The Garden
Season’s Greetings
Sisterly Feelings
A Small Family Business
Snake In The Grass
The Sparrow
The Square Cat
Standing Room Only
Suburban Strains
Sugar Daddies
Table Manners
Taking Steps
Ten Times Table
Things We Do For Love
This Is Where We Came In
Time And Time Again
Time Of My Life
Virtual Reality
Way Upstream
Wildest Dreams
Woman In Mind
A Word From Our Sponsor
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Dear Uncle
The Forest
Tons Of Money
A Trip To Scarborough
Wolf At The Door

One Act / Short Plays

Chloë With Love
A Cut In The Rates
The Kidderminster Affair
No Knowing

Plays for Young People

Ernie's Incredible Illucinations
The Girl Who Lost Her Voice
The Inside Outside Slide Show
Miranda's Magic Mirror
The Princess And The Mouse
The Ten Magic Bridges

Other Works

The Divide
The Karaoke Theatre Company


Boy Meets Girl
Cheap And Cheerful
First Course
Girl Meets Boy
Incidental Music
Me, Myself & I
Men On Women On Men
Mere Soup Songs
Second Helping
The 7 Deadly Virtues
The Westwoods

The Grey Plays

Between The Lines
Double Hitch
An Evening With PALOS
The Fearsome Threesome
Follow The Lover
Ghost Stories
The Jubilee Show
Love Undertaken
Ron & Julie
Untitled Farce
What The Devil!


Service Not Included


Cinderella's Star Night
Millennium attraction
Mixed Blessings
Mixed Doubles
Pen To Paper
What The Devil!
Where Is Peter Rabbit?
Where's My Seat?

Alternative Titles

Affairs In A Tent
Between Mouthfuls
A Cricket Match
Drinking Companions
Events On A Hotel Terrace
Fancy Meeting You
A Game Of Golf
A Garden Fête
Gosforth's Fête
Love In The Mist
Make Yourself At Home
Meet My Father
Me Times Me
Me Times Me Times Me
Mixed Doubles
Mother Figure
A One Man Protest 
A Pageant
The Story So Far...
A Talk In The Park

Early Plays

Mind Over Murder
The Party Game
Relative Values
The Season

Unproduced Plays

A Case Of Missing Wives
The Fearsome Threesome

Miscellaneous Writing

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1959   The Square Cat
1959   Love After All
1960   Dad's Tale
1961   Standing Room Only
1962   Christmas V Mastermind
1963   Mr Whatnot
1965   Relatively Speaking
1967   The Sparrow
1969   How The Other Half Loves
1970   Family Circles
1971   Time And Time Again
1972   Absurd Person Singular
1973   Living Together
1973   Table Manners
1973   Round And Round The Garden
1973   The Norman Conquests
1974   Absent Friends
1974   Confusions
1975   Jeeves
1996   By Jeeves

1975   Bedroom Farce
1976   Just Between Ourselves
1977   Ten Times Table
1978   Joking Apart
1979   Sisterly Feelings
1979   Taking Steps
1980   Suburban Strains
1980   Season’s Greetings
1981   Way Upstream
1981   Making Tracks
1982   Intimate Exchanges
1983   It Could Be Any One Of Us
1984   A Chorus Of Disapproval
1985   Woman In Mind
1987   A Small Family Business
1987   Henceforward...
1988   Man Of The Moment
1988   Mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays
1989   The Revengers’ Comedies
1989   Invisible Friends
1990   Body Language
1990   This Is Where We Came In
1990   Callisto 5
1999   Callisto#7

1991   Wildest Dreams
1991   My Very Own Story
1992   Time Of My Life
1992   Dreams From A Summer House
1994   Communicating Doors
1994   Haunting Julia
1994   The Musical Jigsaw Play
1995   A Word From Our Sponsor
1996   By Jeeves
1996   The Champion Of Paribanou
1997   Things We Do For Love
1998   Comic Potential
1998   The Boy Who Fell Into A Book
2014   The Boy Who Fell Into A Book
1999   House & Garden
1999   House
1999   Garden

2000   Virtual Reality
2000   Whenever
2001   GamePlan
2001   FlatSpin
2001   RolePlay
2001   Damsels In Distress
2002   Snake In The Grass
2002   The Jollies
2003   Sugar Daddies
2003   Orvin - Champion Of Champions
2003   My Sister Sadie
2004   Drowning On Dry Land
2004   Private Fears In Public Places
2004   Miss Yesterday
2005   Improbable Fiction
2006   If I Were You
2008   Life & Beth
2008   Awaking Beauty
2009   My Wonderful Day
2010   Life Of Riley
2011   Neighbourhood Watch
2012   Surprises
2013   Arrivals & Departures
2014   Roundelay
2015   Hero’s Welcome
2016   Consuming Passions
2017   A Brief History of Women
2018   Better Off Dead
2019   Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present
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