Alan Ayckbourn: The Plays - In Depth

Celebrating 60 Years of Playwriting
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The Definitive Play List: The Full Length Plays

One Act / Short Plays

Plays For Children And Young People

Adaptations (original author in parenthesis)


Novels / Prose / Books

2002…..The Crafty Art Of Playmaking
2019…..The Divide


Other Works

The Grey Plays (performed but never published and not included in the canon)

Early Writing (confirmed as written by and attributable to Alan Ayckbourn)

1957 (circa)…..The Season
1958 (circa)
…..The Party Game
1959 (circa)…..Mind Over Murder
1959 (circa)…..Relative Values

Contributions (works with contributions from Alan Ayckbourn)

Unproduced Plays

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