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Play Premieres: Dates for world, London, New York & North American Ayckbourn premieres

Play Availability: Availability of Ayckbourn plays for production alongside pertinent play details

Performing Rights: How and where to obtain licenses for Ayckbourn plays and production FAQs

Early Plays: An overview of Alan Ayckbourn's pre-professional plays and writing

Grey Plays: A guide to Alan Ayckbourn's withdrawn and unpublished 'Grey Plays'

Miscellany: Details of other Ayckbourn works

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As of 2016, Alan Ayckbourn has written:
  • 80 full length plays
  • 11 revues / musical entertainments
  • 7 one act plays
  • 2 plays for performance by young people
  • 4 plays for pre-school children
  • 5 adaptations
  • 1 narrative for voices
  • 1 screenplay
  • 1 book

The 80 full length plays include:
  • 11 family plays
  • 8 musicals
  • 1 farce*
  • 4 plays incorporating elements of chance
  • 2 trilogies**
* Alan Ayckbourn considers that he has only written one true full-length farce, this being Taking Steps.
The Norman Conquests and the Damsels In Distress plays are considered by Alan Ayckbourn to be his only true trilogies; his three supernatural plays (Haunting Julia, Snake In The Grass and Life & Beth) are thematically connected but are not officially considered a trilogy.

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