Alan Ayckbourn: Contributions

In addition to his own extensive body of work, Alan Ayckbourn has also contributed to other works - from providing short plays to song lyrics. This page contains links to the significant works which Alan Ayckbourn has contributed to in some form.

Click on the title of a work below to find out more details about Alan Ayckbourn's contribution and the piece itself. The majority of these works are held in the Ayckbourn Archive in the
Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York and thus available to read in situ. Further details about these plays can also be found in the website's book Unseen Ayckbourn.


Cinderella's Star Night (1982): Contributed a poem to this fund-raising pantomime.
Millennium (2002): Contributed several short pieces to the new defunct Scarborough tourist attraction.
Mixed Blessings (1973): Wrote the short play Mother Figure for the revue Mixed Blessings.
Mixed Doubles (1962): Wrote the short play Countdown for the revue Mixed Doubles.
Pen To Paper (1981): Contributed two songs to the BBC Radio 4 programme.
What The Devil! (1975): Contributed the short play Dracula and the song The Ghost Of 'Enry Albert to the revue What The Devil!
Where Is Peter Rabbit? (2016): Wrote the lyrics for the show Where Is Peter Rabbit?
Where's My Seat? (2011): Contributed stage directions for the Bush Theatre experimental show.

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