Alan Ayckbourn: Contributions

In addition to his own extensive body of work, Alan Ayckbourn has also contributed to other works - from providing short plays to song lyrics. This page contains details about his contribution to Mixed Blessings.

Mixed Blessings

In 1962, Alan Ayckbourn contributed a short one act play called Countdown to a revue called If Love Decay…. Over several years, this developed into the better known piece Mixed Doubles, which features one act plays by the likes of Alan, Harold Pinter, Fay Weldon and David Campton on the theme of marriage.

The success of
Mixed Doubles led to the producers proposing a following up on the theme of parenting and children by a mix of writers; many of whom, such as Alan, had contributed to Mixed Doubles. The piece was called Mixed Blessings and Alan contributed the one act play Mother Figure. Mixed Blessings was performed for just one week at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham in September 1973.

A year later, when it became obvious nothing was happening with the play - and because Alan was fond of his own contribution - he took
Mother Figure back and incorporated it as the first play of Confusions.

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Mixed Blessings (1973)

World premiere: 17 September 1973
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Horsham

Director: Unknown

Mother Figure

Andrée Melly
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