Alan Ayckbourn: Contributions

In addition to his own extensive body of work, Alan Ayckbourn has also contributed to other works - from providing short plays to song lyrics. This page contains details about his contribution to Where's My Seat? at the Bush Theatre in London.

Where's My Seat?

In 2011, Alan Ayckbourn was asked to contribute towards an experimental production at the soon-to-open Bush Theatre in London. Where’s My Seat? ran from 15 June - 3 July 2011 prior to the venue officially opening in the autumn.
It offered a chance for audiences to experience the new space and help offer suggestions towards its transformation from a library into a theatre. To that end, an evening featuring three short plays by Deidre Kinahan, Tom Wells and Jack Thorne was performed; each in a different staging configuration, utilising nine specially chosen props with each playwright given challenging stage directions by Michael Grandage, Alan Ayckbourn and Josie Rourke. Alan provided ten detailed stage directions for Tom Wells’
Fossils around which the playwright wrote his play and these directions are held in the Ayckbourn Archive.

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