Alan Ayckbourn: Staging Suggestions

This page is a guide to what plays may be suitable for certain productions (such as small cast, specific locations). if you have any other staging parameters which would be suitable for this page, please email:

One Act Plays

Between Mouthfuls (Confusions); Chlöe With Love (Farcicals); Countdown; A Cut In The Rates; Drinking Companion (Confusions); Gosforth's Fête (Confusions); The Kidderminster Affair (Farcicals); Mother Figure (Confusions); A Talk In The Park (Confusions)

Gender Specific Plays

All Male: Haunting Julia
All Female: Snake In The Grass

Outdoor Location Plays

Note: This does not include plays where any scene is set indoors (i.e. Relatively Speaking) or the outdoor set includes a portion of an indoor set (i.e. Time & Time Again) or which could never feasibly be staged outdoors (i.e. Way Upstream)

Body Language; Drowning On Dry Land; Garden; Intimate Exchanges; Joking Apart; Round & Round The Garden (The Norman Conquests); Sisterly Feelings; Snake In The Grass; Woman in Mind
All research in this section is by Simon Murgatroyd and should be credited if reproduced.